Installing recovery console on a Service Pack >=2 Windows based computer

If you try to install the Recovery console into a Windows 2003 Server SP2 computer (or any windows service-packed computer) from the installation media, you may receive the  error:

“Setup cannot continue because the version of Windows on your computer is newer than the version on the CD.”

This happens because windows expects a Windows xxx SPyyy CD. If you don’t have a CD suitable for the service pack currently installed, follow this link.

If when running  FolderPath:\i386\winnt32.exe /cmdcons you receive the message “No valid system partitions were found” follow this other link as well.

As a plus, if you need the Recovery console commands syntax,  go here.

Unmounting stale NFS mount points in Linux

Sometimes, a stale NFS mount point can be a real PITA, specially if you can’t mount the share somewhere else.

The following command line have helped me a lot lately:

umount -f -l /path/to/nfs/share

The first parameter forces umount, the second makes a “lazy umount”, detaching the filesystem and cleaning up all references.

Easy isn’t it?

Quick-n-Dirty duplicate mp3 finder script

René “Nepomusemo” Mayorga shared with me the following script to find out duplicate mp3 files in a specific directory:

find /media/music/ -not -empty -type f -printf “%s\n”  | sort -rn  | uniq -d  | xargs -I{} -n1 find /media/music/ -type f -size {}c -print0  | xargs -0 md5sum | sort | uniq -w32 –all-repeated=separate

This script might be used to find duplicate files, though

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